The transport chain is complete

An independent carrier interfacing with all the others

Every carrier named above gains more capital importance globally. Without the support of Road & Rail this growth would be impossible.

Represented on the junctions of world traffic, Falcon provides marketability not only in support of the others, but Road & Rail represents the largest infrastructure among all carriers.

To work cost-effectively means to ensure the transport chain is thorough and optimized by computerized tracking and tracing.

Our Services
Aircraft Charter
Door to Door-Express
Consolidated cargo
Seafreight LCL/FCL
Dangerous Goods
Storage & logistics
Reefer cargo & ADR
Special trucking
Onboard Courier
Valuable cargo


Whatever the job calls for, with us you have the aircraft you need. Our charter aircraft can be positioned for you if necessary within 23 hours at any European airport.


We can guarantee weekly departures to all destinations on an LCL basis.
Falcon Airfreight
International Aircargo Center
Object 262 / 8 / A03.040
A 1300 Vienna Airport
Tel +43 1 7007 33651
Fax +43 1 7007 33655
24h Hotline
+43 664 26 35 497
Please note: Using this 24h Hotline, a phone call is absolutely necessary. If you are just sending an e-mail without calling us, service is not granted.